1. 49 Degrees North

The best ski hill in Washington State with 2,325 acres of patrolled, skiable terrain. Make a run down Silver Ridge, it's a Chewelah classic! 

4. Quartzite Brewing Company

A relatively new addition to the Chewelah scene, this brewpub is a fun place to hang out and you can bring your own food.

Allen Stone

Chewelah's favorite son! Even if you can't visit Chewelah, you can listen to Allen Stone's soul music. Every time I saw him play in New York, it seemed crazy to be watching someone who grew up in the same little town that I did. (Photo credit: Wikicommons)

2. Chewelah Golf & Country Club

People travel from all around to place Chewelah's affordable, scenic 27 hole course carved into the trees high in the Chewelah Valley.  

5. The Sportsman's Bar and Grill

"Sportys" is O.G. Chewelah. An institution on Main Street. If you want to truly experience Chewelah, this is one place you need to go. 

3. Paul's: A Coffee Bar

Housed in the old Bank of Chewelah building on Main Street, Paul's is an excellent, cozy place.                                

6. ChewVino

Another relative newcomer to Chewelah, stop by ChewVino for a nightcap after dinner at Sportys (they're practically next door on Main Street).

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Last visited: September 2017

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