1. The Dragon Legend Cruise

Halong Bay was spectacular. Please don't go to Vietnam and skip it. We did a two night / three day cruise and thought that was a perfect amount of time. Our tour operator was great. Not overly high end, but also not one of the run-down budget boats trolling these waters. 

4. The Fat Pig

Our favorite restaurant in Hanoi was an American style BBQ joint? Another great restaurant around the area where we stayed. All of the BBQ meats we had were excellent. 

2. Pho @ Quan Pho Hoc

Nicole and I are extremely biased on this one. We are huge pho fans and this was our first Vietnamese pho experience. Our meal could no doubt be replicated in other places throughout Hanoi but this very local place will always have a special spot in our hearts.

3. Egg Coffee @ Oriberry

Egg coffee! A sweet Vietnamese treat. We loved this coffee shop with excellent views of the nearby lake. Admittedly, it was located close to our hotel, so I would only recommend it if you are staying somewhat nearby.

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Last visited: April 2017

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