1. Grapemobile Bicycle Hire

A winery in its own right but, more importantly, the place to rent bicycles!

5. Wine Country Villas

A great place to stay in the heart of the wine country. Cozy rooms and picturesque setting. We went for walks and saw kangaroos. The kitchen and terrace in each villa makes the stay even more comfortable.

2. Worthington's Winery

Worthington's Winery will always have a special place in our hearts. Through a confluence of events, the owner, a commercial airline pilot, ended up flying our order back to us in the States. Good wines and an excellent setting.   

3. Lake's Folly

A good stop (although unfortunately along the bicycle route) for some big, bad (and pricey) Cabernet wines. Nicole, in particular, is a big fan of this place.

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Last visited: November 2015

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