1. Redstone

Started in 2009 and named for its red clay soil and large stones. Added bonus is the beautiful property with an onsite restaurant.  Nicole's favorite, and what she keeps going back for, is their Cabernet Franc ice wine.

4. Treadwell Farm to Table

As the name of the restaurant indicates, the food is farm to table and changes seasonally.  Great food and if you have difficulty getting a table, there is a small wine bar across the alleyway that might be able to accommodate you (they offer food from the same kitchen). Reservation recommended.

2. Ravine

(as shown on the Ravine website)

Ravine makes a nice range of still wines in addition to their ice wine.  Nicole's preference is their sparkling wine, but if you do a tasting give them all a shot and see what you enjoy.  Also, going for dinner at their onsite restaurant is a great opportunity to try their variety of wines paired with their yummy food.

5. Creekside

Nicole enjoyed their reserve white wines and Shiraz ice wine, but like her other recommendations, given the wide variety of wines offered at most of the wineries it is worth it to try other ones offered that you are curious about.  The atmosphere is inviting and service friendly.


3. Malivoire

Good all around selection of wines and right down the street from Redstone.

Important Note: During the ice wine festival each year, Malivoire has a cheese truck parked outside selling some delicious cheese.  Buy some!


6. Cheese Secrets

For the nights you don't want to go out for dinner and just want to stay in for some cheese, Cheese Secrets is your answer.

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Last visited: January 2017

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