Cinq Mars

Hands down my favorite restaurant in Paris.  Lunch, Dinner, doesn't matter, it's all good.  It's simple and they change up the menu, but I always always get the Foie Gras to start, a bottle of Domaine Richaud Cairanne, and end with the chocolate mouse forever. C'est magnifique!

Chocolate Champon

Chocolate shops in Paris abound and you will likely find your own favorite.  For my times there, this was mine.  Nothing over the top, just a great stop in Saint Germain.  

L'Estaminet des enfants rouges

Hungry? L'Estaminet des enfants rouges has never failed me in this department, in the most satisfying of ways.  Brunch here on the weekends is my favorite. After brunch stroll the outdoor market it's contained in for spoils to enjoy later that evening.

Le Mary Celeste

Oysters and cocktails?  Sure!  Get here on the earlier side as the space fills up fast.  Note: on a recent trip it looked like the space was under renovation. Double check the restaurant is open before heading over.


Frenchie Restaurant

The food is incredible and each course is art on a plate.  If you can't get into the main restaurant, don't despair, there is a Frenchie Wine Bar and French Take Away across the street.

Jardin des Tuileries

This park is great for so many reasons... Morning runs, casual strolls, people watching from your seat in the many green chairs, a visit to one of the surrounding museums (Orangerie or Lourve) or sitting with friends and having a bottle of bubbly.

Willi's Wine Bar

Worth a stop for the wine bar. But if you have time, come enjoy your glasses of wine with a nice long leisurly lunch. 


Bistro Vivienne

Nab a table "outside" in the indoor market hall, order a bottle of wine (and cheese!) and people watch.  My sister and I sat here for a while during the holidays mesmerized by the decorations and people.

Le Loir dans La Théière

Great breakfast, impressive weekend brunch spread (shown above), afternoon tea/coffee with incredible cakes... these are just a few of the reasons to pop into this delicious restaurant.  Note weekend brunch is popular here, so try to get in on the earlier side.



Apparently Ina Garten comes here with Jeffrey.  Point validated. Seriously though, fresh local ingredients, inviting setting, great wine choices, please go and enjoy.


On a recent trip to Paris I made it my mission to find a new fragrance.  I found plenty of little parfumeries in Marais, but I was really hoping to find a place with more of an experience to memorialize my discovery of my favorite fragrance.  Boy did I stumble on just that. Set aside at least a couple of hours, no joke.  They even have an espresso machine if you need to refuel as you are sniffing your way to the perfect fragrance.

Orangerie Museum

An assortment of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings, with a few rooms filled with Monet.  If you are a Monet fan, this is your place.

Place des Vosges

So many parks, so little time.  On those days when I just start walking and wondering, somehow I always end up back at Place des vosges.  It's not a huge park, but beautiful in it's simplicity.


See that table outside?  On a quiet street, next to a park square filled with restaurants, grab a coffee, apertif, or glass of wine here and then move onto dinner.


Total cliché, but the Eiffel will always be magical to me.  When the sun goes down, watch the lights sparkle on the hour every hour until 1am. Pack a bottle of bubbly in your purse/backpack and enjoy it sitting on the Champ du Mars.

Musee d'Orsay

There are so many museums to love in Paris. This just happens to be one of my favorites.  I was originally drawn to it based on the sculpture pieces by Rodin, which is still a draw for me, but there is so much more to offer from the diversity of paintings, to photography to archetecture.



Tiny space, but great cup of coffee. When in Marais and in need of a pick me up, one Cortado please!


Les Cocottes

When en route to your Eiffel sparkling lights watching, stop here for dinner.  There will likely be a line already forming, but it generally moves pretty quickly.  Everything I have had here has been on point.  Friendly service and great as a single, couple or small group.


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Last visited: July 2017

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