1. El Desayunador

The best breakfast in Valpo! Nicole and I both enjoyed this comfortable, morning hang out. A little pricey for the area, but definitely worth it for us. We went multiple times. (Nicole: Ha! I tend to disagree with Travis a bit here... To me it was great cheap eats and while the place looks a little dicey, it still put out a great breakfast.)


4. Cafe Con Cuento

Great coffee and an interesting selection of Pablo Neruda bokks on display.


2. Templeman / Concepćion Area

Street art, street art, street art. These two neighborhoods are some of the best areas for it. The best collection I've ever seen. 

5. Fauna Restaurant

The Fauna restaurant in the Fauna boutique hotel serves up some great food with some beautiful views. Definitely a cool, hip spot in Valpo.

3. La Pelutik

Nicole loved the dozens and dozens of different silk scarfs they sold here. She still regrets not buying more. They sell other clothing and goods as well. but to her the scarfs were easily the reason to go.

6. Taulat

Stop in here to sit on the rooftop and gaze at the great views with a cold cerveza. We weren't impressed with the food, however. 

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Last visited: 2017

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