Our Number One Recommended Travel Product Of The Past Eight Months.... Super Glue!

Ten years ago, when Nicole and I started travelling on longer trips (i.e., more than a weekend), I read an article about two supposedly indispensable items for travelers -- super glue and duct tape.

Since that time, I've kept a tube of super glue and a hand wound bit of duct tape (rather than bringing a large bulky roll, I made my own mini roll by wrapping a few feet of duct tape around itself to form a cylinder a little larger in diameter than a pencil).

The truth is, in all that time and many trips since, I've never once used my little roll of duct tape for a travel emergency. But the super glue has been indispensable. 

Indeed, during the last eight months Nicole and I have spent overseas, we've used our super glue to repair Nicole's shoe (twice) after she shredded the sole during a Vietnam cave tour, pieced back together a ceramic bowl we accidentally shattered, and temporarily fixed a whole in Nicole's pants. In each instance, our $5 glue investment saved us time, money, and a lot of potential headache trying to replace these items or do without while in a foreign country.

So consider this your Meserve Reserve public service announcement for the week: If you are planning a longer trip, throw a tube of super glue in your bag. I can almost guarantee that at some point, you will be happy you did! As for us, our latest discovery has been travelling with Krazy Glue Singles instead of our regular larger container of Loctite. For home use, the Loctite is great and more economical. But on the road, we've found it is a lot more convenient and less messy to use an individual tube that can be thrown away after a single application. 

So there you have it, the Meserve Reserve #1 recommended travel item after eight months of overseas travel. 

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